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For the Overwhelmed Teacher

who is open to rethinking teaching and learning so that they can focus on what matters, use their time effectively and bring the joy back to teaching.




Grow as an educator by focusing on what matters.

A Journal Portfolio for New Teachers.

Guided Teacher Reflections prompts you to reflect on your practice so you can highlight your successes and guide you to improve so that you can get that dream teaching job!

The Guided Teacher Planner




The Guided Teacher Planner prompts you to be reflective in your practice.  Being reflective on an ongoing basis allows you to see what is working and what isn't and prompt you to make adjustments so that you feel engaged and bring the joy back to teaching!

Oftentimes you're overwhelmed with so many things to do.  The Guided Teacher Planner helps to shift your focus so that you feel more productive and in control!

Each week, you will continue to grow as a professional and you'll build a year's worth of learning in a portfolio so you can shine and get that dream teaching job!

Feel more productive and in control with the digital version!

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