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Be Reflective!

As educators, we spend so much time planning lessons and assessing student learning. Of course, this is a huge component of the job, but it’s also important to take a step back and take the time to reflect on our practice.

Why is it important to be reflective?

  • It prompts us to stop and think

  • It provides the opportunity to see what’s working

  • It allows us to make adjustments in real time to make improvements

  • It’s a form of professional development

  • It improves student-teacher relationships

  • It helps to improve student learning

But I don’t have time!!

I get it, there is so much to do! Too many things to think about!

This is why I’ve taken the reflection prompts from my Guided Teac

her Planner, and created a book just for reflections. At the end of each week, set out 10 minutes to review your week and set goals for the next week. Each week there are only 2 reflection questions to focus on. This prompts you to think, but doesn’t feel overwhelming. You’ll improve your practice and student learning in just small simple steps!

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