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Why I Created the Guided Teacher Planner

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

As an introvert, I am an over thinker by nature. Sometimes this can be viewed as a negative quality, but I choose to see it as something positive. Being an over thinker also means I’m very reflective. This is an important quality to have both as an educator and as a student. Reflecting gives us the opportunity to see what is going well and also to make adjustments to improve. As educators, we always have something on the go and are sometimes overwhelmed with so much to do. More than just an organizational tool, the Guided Teacher Planner was created to prompt teachers to focus on what’s important, such as building relationships, ensuring an inclusive learning environment and reflecting on our practice.

Each Month starts off with a quote that makes one think about the purpose of education. There’s a Monthly Overview section that has you thinking about what you’d like to accomplish in that month. What’s the Big Idea or Question you have? How can that question or idea be integrated in various areas of the curriculum? How will you assess learning? What’s the culminating task or project you’d like students to complete to demonstrate their learning?

Then there are the Planning Considerations. This is where you need to think about who is in your class. Who are your learners? How do they learn best? How will you use Universal Design for Learning to ensure all students’ learning needs are met? How will you differentiate your instruction? Are there any Multilingual Learners in your class? How will you address their needs? How will you ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are addressed in your lessons and activities? What 21st Century skills are you looking to highlight?

Each week, the Weekly Overview prompts you to think about what your priorities are for the week. This is where building relationships matter. Which students are you going to ensure you check in with this week? What sunshine calls are you making with families? What is your Social Emotional Learning focus of the week?

At the end of the week, you are prompted to reflect on how things went. What’s your Glow of the week? What went well and will try again? What’s your Grow? What will you need to change or adjust? Then there are different Reflection Questions to focus on. These questions will help you think about your teaching practice. These are questions that you might see during professional development sessions, but you’re getting 2 new ones each week. These will help you stay on track!

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